yetx n 1200-mob

YETX N 1200

The best UTV that overcomes the most insurmountable obstacles

YETX N 1200-mob
yetx n 1200-3- mob

Off-road vehicle unrivaled throughout the world

It took us more than 20 years to develop the legendary YETX utility task vehicle, which, due to its unique patented design, is capable to dominate any terrain.
Autonomy, high loading capacity, ability to withstand any weather conditions from -40°C to +45°C, easy maintenance and safe operation, as well as many other technical capabilities – it’s all about YETX N 1200.

Body options

yetx_techo duro
Hard top
yetx_2 ventanas laterales
2 side windows
yetx_4 ventanas laterales
4 side windows

Interior options

yetx Cargo only
Cargo only
yetx 2 rear seats
2 rear seats
yetx 4 rear seats
4 rear seats
yetx 7 rear seats
7 rear seats


Extended lifetime

The body is made of galvanized steel and is therefore resistant to corrosion.

The upper part of the body is made of aluminum

Due to the use of aluminum, the vehicle is lighter and has a low center of gravity.

3 points of support

At the front and back door.



Rear seats can be folded down

This function allows the vehicle to be used for the transport of both people (up to 9 persons including the pilot) and cargo

Comfortable and ergonomic seats

Provide a comfortable ride even with extreme driving

4-point seatbelts

Ensure the safety of the driver and passengers

Ergonomic interior

Spacious interior for comfortable and easy driving

Control panel_interior_6
Control panel

Sufficient number of switches to control vehicle systems

Control panel_interior_6

Technical data

Max land speed
40 km/h
Max water speed
6 km/h
Autonomous work
Up to 65 h
Load capacity
1200 kg
Ground clearance
600 mm
Height of obstacle to be overcome
up to 1 m


Versatile off-road solution

YETX UTV is able to replace such means of transport as snowmobiles, hovercrafts, helicopters, manpower and their combination. The UTV can travel over any terrestrial surface and is the only means of transport being able to get out of the water onto the ice.

Low cost to operate
  • Low expenses per 1200 kg of cargo delivery – saves up to 75% when compared to a cargo helicopter;
  • Low running costs – $7/hour;
  • Low fuel consumption – 5-8 l/hour.
Up to 65 hours of autonomy

With additional fuel tanks in each wheel disk, its toatl fuel capacity increases to 327 l, allowing the UTV to operate autonomously for up to 65 hours and run non-stop for 19 hours.

High load capacity of up to 1950 kg
  • If required, load capacity can be increased up to 1950 kg with an optional cargo trailer;
  • The UTV can carry up to 9 passengers (including a driver);
  • The vehicle’s towing capacity is 2400 kg;
  • Overall internal volume – 7.8 m³.
Warranty and 24/7
Official manufacturer’s warranty and 24/7 service

YETX utility terrain vehicles thanks to their unique design are reliable and easy to maintain.
The official manufacturer’s warranty for YETX N 1200 is 12 months or 2000 m/h, whichever comes first.

Features and characteristics

Endurance and resistance to damage

The patented design of the wheels has a number of advantages:
the tires are less liable to damage due to their elasticity;
the tires can be inflated and deflated by pressing a button (due to this feature, the off-road vehicle can overcome difficult obstacles);
the design and tread of the wheels provide a high level of adhesion to the ground and allow propulsion on the water.

YETX_efficient engine
Efficient & Eco-Friendly Engine

Doosan’s (Korea) high-tech and eco-friendly engine complies with Stage V/Tier-4-final emission standards and provides high torque and fuel efficiency with low noise and vibration levels.


Due to the low center of gravity and ROPS, the rollover risk is minimized.
YETX is equipped with seat belts, a sturdy body and multifunctional hatches.


The large windshield and side windows provide the driver with excellent visibility, and a rearview camera installed allows the driver to fully control the situation while driving.

YETX_Suspension design
Less means more

The suspension is more reliable and does not require constant maintenance, as there are no springs and shock absorbers.

yetx High maneuverability
High maneuverability

YETX UTV has an internal turning radius of 2.5 meters and an external turning radius of 8.0 meters, allowing it to turn around almost on the spot. This feature is extremely important in harsh terrains.

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